Hi! I’m Ashlee Mitchell, owner of Creative Ginger

I grew up in Aberdeen, a small town on the coast of Washington state. As a young girl I loved hiking and being out in nature everyday.

This passion for the environment helped guide to me to pursue a science degree in Marine Biology. In my first year as an undergraduate I did a research paper on the trash gyre in the Pacific Ocean and was driven to help in my small way.

I started off by using lots of reusable items and less plastic items myself. I learned to sew from a family member and I had no limits to what I could make or do. I began to make reusable upcycled items for gifts for friends and family and soon it became something I did to make a little extra cash.

My first official vendor event was in October 2016 while I was living in Idaho for a job. My first item that I made was my resusable all purpose bags. I have grown to have so many new items to help in every day life.

I make items that I find to be helpful in my routine. I love making unique beautiful reusable items that not only people are proud to show off but that they feel good about helping the environment. I am happy to make special orders as well. I am open to new ideas as well. Hope to sew for you soon!